Huntington University is a Christian liberal arts college in Indiana

curriculum material center

Curriculum Materials CenterThe Curriculum Materials Center is located on the Lower Level of RichLyn Library. It contains an extensive collection of education materials for use in classroom teaching and for home schooling.

 The center contains four distinct collections:

  •  kits, games, and realia
  •  textbooks
  •  junior fiction and nonfiction
  •  activity books and lesson plans (professional materials)

All material except for textbooks are classified in the Dewey Decimal System. Textbooks are classified by subject, publisher, grade level and title. Textbooks subject codes include:

  • Art - Art
  • Bus - Business
  • CE - Christian Educaiton
  • For-L - Foreign Language
  • Fre - French
  • Ger - German
  • Hea - Health
  • Lan-A - Language Arts
  • Mat - Mathematics
  • Rea - Reading
  • Sci - Science
  • S-Stu - Social Studies
  • Spe - Spelling