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interlibrary loan book request form

ILL Book Request form for OFF-CAMPUS USERS 

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See the ILL FAQ for more Information 

Please use FirstSearch (WorldCat) as the preferred method to submit book and other monographic (videos, recordings, scores, etc.) interlibrary loan requests. If the item you are requesting cannot be found on FirstSearch please contact a librarian or information desk worker for help.

Instructions for using FirstSearch Resource Sharing

  • Logon to FirstSearch 
  • Click on My Account (right side of the screen above the green bar)
  • If you have not registered yet click on New User Registration or type in User Name and Password and press the "I agree to the terms and conditions" button.
    • [Note for New Users: User names and Passwords must be at least 8 characters/numbers long. Please remember or write them down for future use. They allow you access to your "My Requests" data where you can track the progress of your items.]
  • On the Indiana Library Catalog Basic Search screen type in the terms you looking for then press the Search button (you may select a broader range of libraries by choosing WorldCat in the drop down box)
  • Select the item you would like to request on Interlibrary Loan [Note: You cannot Interlibrary Loan a book that is owned by RichLyn Library]
  • Click on the ILL icon ()
  • The form should be filled in with the information you provided at registration. But you need to change the following fields:
    • Patron Type
    • Patron Status
  • Important: User Name (which is already filled in from the Patron Information you entered and hidden by asterisks) should be the same as your User Name for your My Account access so you can track the progress of your ILL on the "My Requests" page]
  • Only fields with "*" need to be filled in. You may also want to include information in the Date Needed, Max Cost, and Comments fields
  • Click on the Submit button (you will be taken back to the bibliographic screen)
  • Your request has been processed (you will not receive a separate notice, you can check the Resources Sharing tab to see the status)
  • When finished ordering Interlibrary Loans click on Exit so your account is secured

To track the progress of your request (see when it has been shipped or is available to be picked up) click on the Resource Sharing tab while logged into My Account.