Huntington University is a Christian liberal arts college in Indiana

programs of the Institute for TESOL Studies

  1. EL Certification: For students majoring in Education, a state of Indiana certification in teaching English Learners (ELs) is offered.
  2. TESOL Certification: For students not majoring in Education, a TESOL certificate is offered. 
  3. TESOL Minor: For students pursuing either a TESOL or EL certification, a minor is possible with the addition of a few more courses. 
  4. Accelerated TESOL/EL Certification for Adults: Both TESOL and EL certification is offered in an accelerated format for adult learners at our Ft. Wayne location. *These courses are dual listed for undergraduate and graduate credit. 
  5. Master of Education in TESOL Education: For teaching professionals seeking a master's degree in Education in combination with TESOL/EL certification. 

EL and TESOL Certification

TESOL Minor 

Non-traditional/Adult EL and TESOL Certification (must be at least 23 years old) 

Master of Education
in TESOL Education

Coursework Traditional undergrad. evening courses
Traditional Semester Schedule
(total of 15 hours)
Traditional undergraduate courses, 
(both day and evening courses)
Traditional Semester Schedule
(total of 22 hours)
Evening courses
Each course is 8 weeks
Courses can be taken for graduate or 
undergraduate credit
(total of 15 hours)
Traditional Semester Schedule
(total of 32 hours)
Application Process Current students enroll in course
Students not currently enrolled, apply with 
non-degree seeking undergrad. application
Current students enroll in course Professional Programs Graduate Programs
Timeline 2-4 Semesters 2-4 Semesters 8-9 months 1-2 years
Class Location Main Campus      Main Campus Ft. Wayne Main Campus
Tuition and Fees Part of block tuition for current students, 
$396/credit hour otherwise
Part of block tuition $348/credit hour $370/credit hour