Huntington University is a Christian liberal arts college in Indiana

academic awards & prizes program

The Department of History at Huntington University offers several opportunities for Huntington University history majors to receive financial awards and prizes for academic achievements. These incentives are the result of grateful and committed alumni and friends of the Department. We are very thankful for their financial support of superior academic activity in the study of history.

The S. G. Whittle Johnston Memorial Award in History

The S.G. Whittle Johnston Memorial Award in History is an annual academic award in the Department of History and Political Science inaugurated in 2003. It was established by a 1989 Huntington University alumna and history major to honor the memory of Dr. S.G. Whittle Johnston, professor of international relations at the University of Virginia, where he taught American foreign policy and international politics courses from 1971-1995. Professor Johnston was the donor's mentor, graduate advisor and personal friend who passed away in 1996. Professor Johnston served on President-elect Ronald Reagan's foreign policy transition team, was a member of The Committee on the Present Danger, and a recipient of Harvard University's prestigious Sumner Prize in 1959 for the university's most outstanding doctoral dissertation.

By funding this award, the donor wishes to encourage upper level history students in their study of history. The award goes to the junior or senior history major who submits the most outstanding work of original scholarship. Department faculty then select the winner from the pool of submissions. The winner receives a plaque and a significant cash award.

Recent Award Recipients:

2014 Ms. Stephanie Morin

2013 Mr. Andrew Wickersham

2012 Mr. Jonathan Brenneman 

2011 Ms. Elizabeth Holtrop 

2010 Ms. Jandra Sutton

2009 Mr. Matt Schownir

2008 Ms. Christianne Gates

2007 Ms. Christianne Gates

2006 Mr. Rick Klinedinst

2005 Mr. Dwight Simon

2004 Mr. Dwight Simon

2003 Ms. Joni Michaud

The Ron Frank Memorial Endowment in History

The Frank Fund was established in 1973 to honor the memory of Ron Frank, a Huntington University history major who passed away during the spring semester of his senior year. Donors to the fund sincerely desire to provide financial assistance to history majors while also memorializing Ron Frank. The Endowment funds three different types of awards:

  1. The Ron Frank History Travel Award provides up to $500 per student for costs associated with attendance and participation at scholarly meetings. Students who are interested in attending a scholarly conference or convention are invited to apply for these awards in advance of the event.
  2. The Jack P. Barlow, Sr., History Book Prize provides $200 worth of books to the outstanding student(s) in the department's senior seminar classes.
  3. The Ron Frank Memorial Award for Outstanding Scholarship in History is awarded to graduating history majors who graduate with the college's highest academic honor, summa cum laude (cumulative GPA of 3.85 or higher). The honor consists of a plaque and a cash award.

Recent winners of The Ron Frank Memorial Award for Outstanding Scholarship in History include the following:

2013 Ms. Jessica Emmert

2012 Mr. Jonathan Brenneman

2011 Ms. Elizabeth Holtrop and Ms. Susanne Shepherdson 

2010 Not Awarded

2009 Ms. Naomi Woods and Mr. Chris Sutton

2008 Ms. Christianne Gates

2007 Not Awarded

2006 Mr. Kevin Krauskopf

2005 Ms. Joni Michaud and Mr. Dwight Simon

2004 Not Awarded

2003 Ms. Erinn Caley and Ms. Carrie Reese

2002 Mr. Russ Degitz

2001 Ms. Molly Deuberry; Ms. Amy C. Smith; Mr. Cam Warner; Mr. Mike Yates

2000 Ms. Rachael Hinkle and Ms. Heather Hirschy