Huntington University is a Christian liberal arts college in Indiana

program of study

Course Requirements for Heuristics

Heuristics, Huntington University, a Christian college

The courses are drawn from those already offered, and they are built around five student learning outcomes:

  • Creativity: Students will demonstrate problem solving and an understanding of the creative process in a variety of contexts.
  • Critical Thinking: Students will exercise critical thinking skills in analyzing arguments and evidence.
  • Communication: Students will possess an understanding of good communication practices in different settings.
  • Collaboration: Students will display the ability to cooperate with others on projects and to resolve conflicts productively.
  • Faith Integration: Students will present a paper, performance, or other appropriate task linking knowledge from work, community, or research activities with knowledge acquired through an examination of their faith or core beliefs; explain how elements were combined to shape meaning or findings; and show the relationship in the context of relevant scholarship.

There are nine required courses:

TH 225 Fundamentals of Design
PL 240 Logic
MI 321/CO 322 Intercultural Communication
BA 341/CO 346 Organizational Communication
HS/PS 346 Cambodia: Genocide and Reconciliation
PY 351/SO 351 Social Psychology
EN 362/EN 363 Creative Writing – Fiction / Poetry
HD 4xx Internship (3 hours)
HD 4xx Capstone (1 hour)

Students will choose from among the elective courses below for the remaining 12 hours. Students will thus have a fair amount of freedom to design their programs.


AR 141 2D Design
AR 142 3D Design
EN 362 Creative Writing – Fiction
EN 391 Creative Non-Fiction
PL 333AE Aesthetics

Heuristics, Huntington University, a Christian college

Critical Thinking

HS 222 Historical Method
HS 261 British Empire
MA 351 Geometry
PY 381 Introduction to Research Methods


BA/CO 213 Social Media
CO 241 News Writing
CO 246 Interpersonal Communication or PY 321 Interpersonal Relationships
PY 375 Cognitive Neuroscience


BA 252 Bus Org and Management
BA 311 Salesmanship
BA 331 Operations Management
PL 260 Ethics