Huntington University is a Christian liberal arts college in Indiana

Leadership and Personal Enrichment Seminars (Online Only)
 Under Development

Often, adult learners want to further their skills and understanding of Dr. Townsend’s teaching in the area of leadership or personal development, but are not interested in earning academic credit. You now have a choice to learn at your own pace. You will work independently and complete the assignments in whatever timeframe works for you. There will not be an instructor facilitating this process. These enrichment opportunities are similar to what participants receive in an all-day workshop. A Bachelor's degree is not required to take these seminars. The following is a list of seminars that you can take:


Leadership Area:

  • A New Paradigm: Character Based Leadership
  • Fuel of Leadership: Relationship
  • Connecting Others to Your Leadership: Attunement
  • Growing your Marriage as a Leader
  • Protecting Your Leadership: Boundaries
  • Refueling Your Leadership: Creating and Maintaining Energy
  • Managing Your Emotions, Then Leading with Them
  • Finding Your Sweet Spot: Competency, Passion and Meaning
  • The Skills of Failing Well
  • Finding Your Voice in Leadership: The Role of Authority
  • The Future in the Present: Your Action Plan for Life and Ministry
  • The Hard Way is the Right Way:  Leading Well in a Culture of Entitlement 
  • The Essential Relational Needs of Leaders and Their People
  • The Power of Culture: How Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast
  • Accelerating Leadership: Confrontation While Maintaining the Relationship
  • Having Internal Structure and Focus for the Task
  • Drivers of Performance
  • Developing and Using "Swagger"
  • Overcoming Guilt and Moving into Freedom
  • Power: Developing and Using it for Success
  • Passion: If It's Not There, You Need It
  • Finding and Developing Your Rock Stars 
  • How to Manage Difficult People
  • Landmines: The 7 Critical Ones
  • The Eye of the Storm: Leadership Presence
  • Conquering Fear
  • The Performance Accelerator: Organizational Health
  • The Rocky Syndrome: Breaking Through Obstacles
  • Gender Issues and Leadership
  • The ROI of Forgiveness in an Organization
  • Being a Team Leader Who Gets Cohesion and Results
  • To Infinity and Beyond: Planning for Your Legacy 
Personal Development Area:
  • Developing Boundaries in Your Life
  • Raising Great Kids
  • Boundaries in Marriage
  • Identifying Safe People
  • Boundaries with Kids
  • Boundaries with Teens
  • Boundaries in Dating
  • The Mom Factor
  • God will Make a Way
  • Making Small Groups Work
  • Beyond Boundaries
  • How to be a Best Friend Forever
  • Hiding from Love
  • How to Have That Difficult Conversation You’ve Been Avoiding
  • Who’s Pushing Your Buttons: Handling the Difficult People in Your Life
  • Twelve “Christian” Beliefs That Drive People Crazy
  • It’s Not My Fault: The No-Excuse Plan for Overcoming Life’s Obstacles
  • Rescue Your Love Life
  • How People Grow
  • Now What Do I Do?  Handling Problems the Right Way
  • Loving People