Huntington University is a Christian liberal arts college in Indiana

Finding the Time:

HU’s location made it easy for MEd student to earn degree

“My biggest challenge is that there never seems to be enough time.”

Mary Beth Crider is a single mother, a sixth grade teacher at Crestview Middle School in Huntington, and a graduate of Huntington University’s Master of Education program. With all of these responsibilities, she keeps busy.

“My biggest challenge is that there never seems to be enough time,” Crider says.

And that’s just one of the many reasons why she chose Huntington University for her master’s.

“I wanted to get my master’s degree but not spend a lot of time on the road,” Crider says, stating that HU’s close proximity made meeting for class projects, meeting with teachers, and using the library much easier.

The professors at HU also helped Crider to make good use of her time.

“All the assignments I did directly pertained to my middle level science class,” Crider said. “The research and activities were not wasted.”
She also found HU’s small class size, Christian background, and personal attention attractive as well.

“In my undergraduate, my classes were in lecture halls with 300 people, with professors who did not know me. The professors at HU take a personal interest in all of their students. It’s obvious that they believe in each individual person by how they interact with the graduates.”

Even though the work has been challenging, it has given Crider a sense of accomplishment.

“It feels really good at the end to know that you were able to do something that rigorous and make it through. You feel like you really worked for the degree. It’s a good feeling.”

Having gone through the experience of earning her degree has given Crider more confidence and equipped her for new roles in the workplace.

“I feel more comfortable now entertaining the idea of taking on more responsibilities than that of a teacher.”