Huntington University is a Christian liberal arts college in Indiana

Huntington’s M.A. in counseling offers academics and practical training


“The counseling program at Huntington has challenged me to have a stronger, more connected relationship with God." - Megan Muldoon, M.A. in Counseling

For Megan Muldoon, working towards a master’s degree includes not only attending classes and writing papers, but counseling students as part of an internship.

Muldoon is a native of Mendon, Michigan, but now lives in Winona Lake, Indiana, with her husband. She anticipates graduating in 2011 with her masters in counseling.

On campus, she works on her skills as a clinician through face-to-face counseling time with clients and learns about counseling in classes, while meeting with supervisors to keep up to date on counseling methods and work.

Counseling is an important job, and one that can carry stresses with it. Muldoon has learned that it can be hard for counselors to take care of themselves while working.

“I think that it is easy for people in this field to put a lot into serving others, and it is easy then to put ourselves last.”

In class, Muldoon has learned about the best ways to prepare for clients. “I have
been able to take what I have learned in class and practically apply those things to my work in my internship.”

Because Huntington is not a large institution, Muldoon has enjoyed the small class sizes and personal relationships with her professors. “I have the chance to talk to professors after class to get advice, and I don’t have to guess about questions I have because I can ask them in person.”

This approachability is an attribute that she sees as key to her experience at Huntington. “The professors really want us to grow and become the best counselors we can be,” Muldoon says. She appreciates that faculty members allow the students to formulate their own theories about counseling and encourage both integration and academic seriousness.

Muldoon has also seen her relationship with Christ grow as she has been in the program. “The counseling program at Huntington has challenged me to have a stronger, more connected relationship with God,” she says. “I have come to understand that I need to be connected to Christ and to find my rest in God so that I can serve others better.”

For those considering HU’s graduate school, Muldoon suggests to visit for a day, talk to other students and sit in on some classes. “Take full advantage of this learning opportunity by getting to know other students in the program, getting to know professors and going to them for advice or with questions, and by challenging yourself to get as much as you can from this program.”