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Preparation for success

Grad uses ‘real-world’ experiences in counseling center
Angela Grandlienard

“In reality, I do not fully know where the Lord will lead as the future unfolds, but I look forward to the possibilities.”

Angela Grandlienard loves working with college students.

The preparation for her future career as a counselor at Taylor University started when she transferred into HU’s graduate counseling program in the spring of 2009.

“I was excited about the people I would have the opportunity to learn from and be trained by. I was drawn toward the spiritual formation aspect of the program,” Grandlienard said. “I also loved the emphasis on helping me discover and develop the counselor that I am rather than just being taught one style of counseling.”

Grandlienard was grateful the HU graduate program stressed the issue of individuality.

“The program challenged me to work through and deal with my own issues so that I was more aware of myself and what I bring to the counseling room.”

She felt through the classes and opportunities offered in the program that she was well prepared for her current place of employment. She particular appreciated the hands-on, real-life experience.

“Due to practicums and internships, so much of the education I received was very practical and gave the opportunity to actually sit with people while receiving good guidance along the way.”

Today, she puts her education to practice serving as a counselor at Taylor University’s Counseling Center.

“I have around six clients a day, four days a week, who are students at the university.”

In addition, Grandlienard is a counselor at Exit 59 Church, a satellite site for Wabash Friends Counseling Center, and does individual, couples and family therapy. She also does occasional adjunct teaching and has led therapy groups in two different university settings.

Grandlienard plans to continue working on her post-graduate hours to become eligible for licensure as an LMHC.

“I love working with college students and am hoping that doors will continue to remain open for me to counsel in college settings, but I also have some interest in teaching and have had some opportunities to explore that avenue a little bit as well,” she said. “In reality, I do not fully know where the Lord will lead as the future unfolds, but I look forward to the possibilities.”