Huntington University is a Christian liberal arts college in Indiana

Grad student well prepared for future career in counseling

Andrew Sebastian

“The Lord knows exactly what he has for me, and I daily pray and seek his path and way for my and my wife’s lives.”

Huntington University did more for Andrew Sebastian than just give him a degree.

“It felt like I already had a year and a half working experience before even finishing grad school,” said Sebastian, a 2012 graduate of the Master in Counseling program.

Sebastian is currently a school-based counselor for the Otis R. Bowen Center in Huntington, Ind. He provides therapy for kids and their families.

He believes the program really prepared him for his career.

“My education has prepared me for my current job wonderfully,” he said. “The program really pushes internships and strongly suggests interning at a few different places.”

Through prayer and other situations in life, Sebastian said the Lord led him to HU for his education.

“The counseling program offered excellent classes, but more importantly, the program offered qualified instructors and experienced men and women in the field who could direct students in a professional and knowledgeable way,” he said. “Personally, the spiritual formation classes were my favorite and will be essential for anyone desiring to be in a pastoral counseling position one day.”
Sebastian feels he was well prepared for his career, but admits he has more to learn.

“I felt very well prepared for my job as a result of my education, but that does not mean I know it all,” he said. “I still humbly learn new things every day.”

Sebastian said his future plans are similar to what he is doing now, but with one major difference.

“Similar because I so strongly desire to invest in the younger generation and use what God has blessed me with to provide hope in and through Christ,” he said. “Different because in the community mental health field it is difficult to use faith in counseling.”

Sebastian said he plans to use a more faith-based counseling in the future, possibly starting a faith-based therapeutic home and using it to minister to hurting and lost people.

“The Lord knows exactly what he has for me,” he said, “and I daily pray and seek his path and way for my and my wife’s lives.”