Huntington University is a Christian liberal arts college in Indiana

How to set up an internship experience

Responsibility of YOU, the student:

1. Meet with your adviser to discuss internship opportunities, potential sites and the number of credits needed/desired to meet graduation and major requirements.

2. Set up a 30-minute appointment with the Enterprise Resource Center, on the ground floor of Livingston Hall.

3. Be prepared to submit your resume as the process for finding your internship begins.

4. Completely fill out page one of the internship contract with your adviser.

5. Once the ERC finds a potential site, you will need to follow-up with the company to solidify the experience.

6. Once site is secured, complete page two of the contract and return to the ERC.

Responsibility of the ERC:

1. Find a placement if student doesn't have one lined up.

2. Upon receiving the completed contract, the ERC will get final final approval from adviser and obtain signature from academic dean.

3. Circulate contract to various campus offices including the Registrar's Office. The Registrar will then register you for the internship within a week of receiving it.