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Polish skills learned at HU

Kelly Litherland

"Going out on assignments with reporters was my favorite experience."

The ERC facilitated my internship at CBS 4 in Denver, Colorado. I started my eight week experience in mid-January and ended mid-March. While at CBS4, I shadowed reporters and producers in the newsroom and helped with the assignment desk. Every day I had writing assignments and was heavily influenced to go out in the field with reporters. Going out on assignments with reporters was my favorite experience. There is nothing better than being able to pick a professional’s brain while watching them do what they do best.

I learned so much while I was in Denver. I was able to polish all the skills I had already acquired. I feel that I will never be able to stop growing but the internship at CBS4 gave me my first refining experience of many. The internship also deepened my passion to be a reporter.

Being involved with HTV really prepared me for my internship. I felt more prepared at both of my internships than any other intern there. I blame it on the hands on experience I got at HU. In my classes I learned how to write and HTV taught me how to shoot, edit, and report. So many of the other interns from big schools didn't get the type of hands on experience I got at HTV.

Without a doubt, I would recommend getting involved in whatever club or program possible at HU and then go for an internship. Unfortunately, higher education can't teach you everything about the future career you will go into, but an internship will definitely help you get that experience.