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Before the interview – research the company

This research provides you with general knowledge about the company
It allows you to learn information specific to the position within the company
It gives you the ability to answer questions intelligently and ask informed questions
It offers you insight into the culture, history and values of the organization

Download a PDF sample of the interviewing guide.

Mock Interviews

There is no better preparation than practicing your interview in advance. The ERC offers mock interviews to students on an appointment basis. Mock interviews are tailored to a particular position or field that you specify. The ERC staff will tailor questions so that it feels like an authentic experience.

Schedule a Mock Interview

Call the ERC at 260.359.4104 to request a mock interview. A Career Specialist will inform you of available mock interview appointments.

What to Bring

We suggest that students bring their resume and questions to ask the employer. You are welcome to bring other materials such as references, portfolios or other things you may reference in an actual interview. Please be sure to arrive 5-10 minutes prior to the start of your interview.

How to Dress

Please wear business attire so that the interview resembles an actual job interview. Being comfortable in professional dress will help you in your future interviews.

Video Recording your Interview

Students have the option of recording their interview on a DVD. This is a very helpful tool that provides even greater insight into your interviewing abilities. In addition to the verbal feedback provided, you will have the opportunity to watch your non-verbal communication and be able to refer back to questions and answers during the mock interview.