Huntington University is a Christian liberal arts college in Indiana

internship success stories

 Grace Green headshot Grace Green '15
Education & TESOL
   Brad Moyer headshot Brad Moyer '15
 LA Film general headshot Rachel Ford and Isaac Becker '13
 Jina Lyu headshot Jina Lyu '14
Children's Ministry
   Amber Hudson headshot Amber Hudson '14
 Nate Sullivan headshot Nate Sullivan '14
Educational Ministries and
Communication Studies
   Brad Barber headshot Brad Barber '13
Political Science
 Scott Skiles headshot Scott Skiles '15
Exercise & Movement Science
and Sport & Exercise Studies
   /uploadedImages/ERC/Images/Storch-Megan.jpg Megan Storch '13
 Keirsh Cochran headshot Keirsh Cochran '13
   Aleksandra Spasic headshot Aleksandra Spasic '13
Economics & Finance
 Maresol Leitch headshot Maresol Leitch '12
Exercise Science
   Megan Adams 2012 headshot Megan Adams '12
Public Relations and Marketing
 Andrew Malloy 2012 headshot Andrew Malloy '13
Business Management
   Jordan Dawes 2012 headshot Jordan Dawes '12
Business Management
Valerie Van Ee headshot

Valerie Van Ee '13 
Computer Science &

   Nick Kight headshot

Nick Kight '12 
Public Relations

/uploadedImages/ERC/Images/Kyle Miller headshot.jpg Kyle Miller '11
Entrepreneurial Small
Business Management
   Pat Burkholder 2011 headshot Patrick Burkholder '11
Business Management
/uploadedImages/ERC/Images/Clint Smith headshot.jpg Clint Smith '11
History, Political Science
   /uploadedImages/ERC/Images/Kelly Litherland headshot.jpg Kelly Litherland '11
Augusto Velez 2011 headshot Augusto Velez '12
Computer Science
   /uploadedImages/ERC/Images/Lensing-Brittany-headshot.jpg Brittany Lensing '11
Mandy Kent2010-headshot Amanda Kent '11
Public Relations
  Courtney Berger 2010 small Courtney Berger '11
Exercise Science 
Danielle Hissong 2010 headshot

Danielle Hissong  '11

   Travis Frantz2010-headshot Travis Frantz  '11
Exercise Science
Rachel Blakey2010-headshot
Rachel Blakey '10
   Stephen Edinger2010-headshot Stephen Edinger  '10
History, Political Studies
 Ben Wulpi 2010 headshot Ben Wulpi  '10
Bible and religion


The Enterprise Resource Center at Huntington University – we’re all about pairing Huntington University students with area businesses for internships, practicum experiences, class projects and special projects.