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Students experience life in LA while interning in the film industry

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"My experience gave me insight into the film industry."

Two different students, with different majors, but both from Huntington University decided to pack their bags and give the luxurious life of LA a chance. They wanted to see what the film industry had to offer them.

Seniors Rachel Ford and Isaac Becker studied on campus this semester and interned at different companies, both with the desire gain more knowledge in specific areas of the film industry.

Ford, a film studies major from Fort Wayne, Ind., interned at Untitled Entertainment, a talent agency. She was able to experience all aspects of the company through the different responsibilities that she held which gave her a distinct view of the company as a whole.

"I worked mostly in an assistant capacity," she said. "I was in charge of running the front desk while the assistants were gone. I answered phones, did script coverage and even at times held the position of receptionist."

Along with the skills she learned, this internship helped her hone different skills that otherwise she would not have gained, such as how to run a desk, multiphase lines, scheduling appointments and different aspects specific to the film industry.

Looking back on her experience, Ford can see more clearly a direction that she might like to take in her future.

"This internship helped me see how much I enjoy the specific field of casting in the film industry and that I desire to continue my career in that path."

Ford is grateful for this opportunity and the experience she attained and looks forward to her future in the casting department of the film industry.

Becker accompanied Ford in her adventures in LA over the past few months and was eager to gain some hands-on experience in the film industry.

Becker, a film production major from Ann Arbor Mich., spent his semester interning at David & Associates, a talent agency located in Beverly Hills, Calif.

His intern position was entry level position, but none the less, helped him get his foot in the door of the business and gain several skills that will be useful in his future.

"My main responsibility was to be an assistant to the agents," he said. "I sat at the front desk and answered the phone, transferred calls to the correct agent, filed paperwork, managed clients headshots and resumes and also edited clients profiles on the company website."

He experienced different aspects of the company and was able to sharpen many of the office skills that he had and will use in the future.

As graduation looms and as Becker looks ahead, he can look back on this experience and know that it helped him see more specifically what he might want to do in the future.

"My experience gave me insight into the film industry, and I still want to work in the movie business,” he said. “I do not wish to work in a talent agency, both because of other passions, and as a result of my experience through this internship."

Both Ford and Becker have gained valuable insights through their internships and encourage students to seek out different opportunities in your major to gain hands on experience.

The Enterprise Resource Center (ERC) has been vital in making these internships happen and they want to continue to see students apply themselves outside of the classroom in an internship, allowing them to gain the valuable lessons they have to offer.