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Internship confirms student's path of study

Enterprise Resource Center helps student gain real-world experience
Brad Moyer

“The ERC is a great tool and I would recommend it to other students. They did a good job in setting me up with this internship."

With thoughts looming of the different possibilities that the summer could hold, Huntington University sophomore Bradley Moyer thought an internship would be the best use of his time.

Moyer, a public relations major, wanted to gain experience through his internship. With the help of the Enterprise Resource Center on campus, he landed a position for the entire summer as a general intern for Creative Solutions Group (CSG) in Clawson, Mich.

Moyer spent his time working in the sales department of the company. For the majority of the summer, he worked alongside a group that was managing a nationwide road tour for Chrysler Group LLC.

"My responsibilities were to take notes in client meetings, update sales and tour metrics and research companies that could be potential stops on tour," he said.

Throughout the internship, Moyer realized how valuable his classroom experience was — something that many students don't realize until after they graduate and step into the working world.

"My classroom experience helped me understand the theories behind different ways to market for clients so that I was not confused and lost when I had to put those theories to use," he said.

He said one of the most valuable skills he took into the internship was how to work with a group.

"Group projects really helped me to be comfortable working with teams because CSG is very team-oriented and does not allow people to work on a project alone."

Being able to work on the tour was one of the highlights of his internship, and in the end, helped him see more of what he truly wants to do with his career.

"This experience actually showed me what I want to do after college," he said. "I absolutely loved working on the road tour with everyone as well as working in the office. I made a lot of good friends at CSG so I'm hoping to be able to work there after college, and I feel like they can give me a good start to my post-college life.

“I am thankful for this opportunity that I was given and I encourage other students to take advantage of such opportunities,” he added. “The ERC is a great tool and I would recommend it to other students. They did a good job in setting me up with this internship."


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