Huntington University is a Christian liberal arts college in Indiana

about the horizon leadership program

Statement of Purpose

As a collaborative effort of Huntington University and Youth for Christ, the Horizon Leadership program is designed to attract and retain students of diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds by providing educational, leadership and creative outlets.


To cultivate a campus environment reflective of the kingdom of heaven where every nation and tribe, every tongue and people are fully embraced and represented.

Our Core Values

  • Partnership
  • Access
  • Leadership
  • Diversity

Huntington University's Strategic Plan

The strategic plan addresses diversity initiatives with the following university-wide strategy:

Enrich our campus community by engaging persons from a variety of cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds, exposing students, faculty and staff to cross cultural environments

Components of Strategy:

  • Equivalent of 5 full tuition scholarships per year to increase access to students from a variety of backgrounds
  • Salary and benefits for cross cultural director
  • In coordination with core curriculum and experiential learning initiatives provide each student the opportunity to participate in a cross cultural off campus experience
  • Implement strategies developed by the Diversity Committee
  • Become more proactive in networking and collaboration in order to generate more diverse student, faculty and staff applicant pools.

This strategy is aimed both at making our Huntington campus community richer through welcoming students, faculty and staff from a variety of cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds and at educating and broadening us through rich cross cultural experiences. There are a variety of action steps that we will use. The Diversity Committee is working to identify opportunities for action. The Core Curriculum committee is discussing cross cultural experience requirements. A number of other departments are planning more explicit actions to help support our institutional priorities: increased opportunities for underserved groups, an enhanced academic climate, a changed campus culture and an improved overall HU experience. It will be an explicit strategy aimed at our target to improved student, faculty and staff engagement with people of diverse backgrounds.