Huntington University is a Christian liberal arts college in Indiana



Looking for an internship in animation, film, or broadcasting? The Enterprise Resource Center is a clearninghouse for experiential learning opportunities.

Off-Campus Study

Consider a semester at the CCCU’s Los Angeles Film Studies Center 

Signs & Wonders

Check out our campus film club.

Software and hardware recommendations

Our digital media arts majors, especially animation majors, focus on storytelling, visual artistry, and animated performance. To do this we we engage a variety of techniques in both the traditional media (drawing, clay, puppets, etc) and the latest digital tools (Maya, Photoshop, After Effects, Toon Boom, Flash, etc). While we currently provide computers in all the labs for course work and homework we strongly recommend that animation majors invest in there own laptops. Certain hardware purchases will be required in beginning classes such as a hard drive for backing up work and a graphics tablet. We also recommend certain software purchases for students on an as needed basis. To off-set expenses for students we have negotiated deals with specific venders which allow us to make certain software (and some hardware) available to students at drastically reduced prices. Visit the Applestore for more information.