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Education leads student to internship
Tyler Welker describes advantages of studying animation at Huntington University, a Christian college.

"My professors have helped me to see how I can infuse my faith into my work ... as a way of glorifying God."

As a senior at Huntington University, Tyler Welker became quickly a seasoned digital media artist.

In fall 2006, Tyler and two other students debuted “Boxed,” a short animated film, at Wheaton College’s “LEAST” festival, an event that gives students the opportunity to respond to poverty and AIDS through the arts.

As a junior, Tyler and another student won first place in the TV Entertainment Feature category of the 2007 College State Awards for the Indiana Association of School Broadcasters.

During the January Terms of his sophomore and junior years, Tyler worked on two film projects, which he says taught him a great deal about how to work under a deadline and how much time and detail is required to complete artistic endeavors of that scale.

Tyler’s education and experiences helped him land an internship at Media Sauce, a multi-media marketing company in Indianapolis, in the summer of 2007. Huntington's Enterprise Resource Center connected Tyler to Media Sauce. Because of his positive experience, the company sought other interns from Huntington.

“Huntington’s digital media arts program has exposed me to a wide variety and selection of media along with different ways to express my art through film and design,” Tyler said. “I have received close attention from my DMA professors who truly care about my learning experience.”

Tyler’s professors include Bryan Ballinger and Steve Leeper. Both were employed by Big Idea Productions Inc., the creator of “VeggieTales,” and continued to be active in freelance work.

“My professors have helped me to see how I can infuse my faith into my work – from content to how I work – as a way of glorifying God,” Tyler said.

Prior to attending Huntington, Tyler went to a prestigious art institute in a major metropolitan area. Despite the advantages, Tyler wanted something more – a quality education with a Christ-centered focus.

“I immediately fell in love with atmosphere and overall beauty of the Huntington’s campus when I first visited,” he said. “It had a very welcoming feel to it. I wanted to go to a Christian university and also wanted to study digital media and animation, and Huntington offers both.”

For Tyler, the differences in his experiences at the two schools have become evident.

“I think the biggest advantage is the attention I’ve received from the professors in a smaller classroom setting,” Tyler said. “That was vitally important to my education and what I have learned at Huntington. Also, I appreciate that there is always available space and equipment when you need to work on something in the labs."

Tyler advises any student interested in digital media arts to consider Huntington.

“Talk to our professors and students that are in the program to find out if and how the passions and gifts that God has given you fit with this major at Huntington,” he said. “Continue to learn as much as possible about digital media and start creating art and film or just plain stories to bring here with you.”

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