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workshop and worship week

Fall 2014

Faculty at Huntington UniversityWelcome to the page for Workshop and Worship 2014. This August, the Faculty Workshop is just one of many events to prepare us for the coming academic year.

The Faculty Workshop will be held Tuesday, August 19, in Hiner Hall. This time around, we will focus on aspects of writing instruction and faith-integration as well as strategic planning. On Tuesday evening, we will have an all-campus picnic on the main lawn in front of Becker Hall (weather permitting, of course—the venue is subject to change). The picnic begins at 5:00 p.m., and all employees and their spouses are welcome to attend.

This year, we have enhanced the workshop by offering several optional sessions for faculty and staff. See the schedule for details. These optional sessions will address areas as diverse as leadership development, understanding the millennial generation, using Moodle’s grade book feature, and stress management among other topics. Space is limited for the Monday workshops—please register in advance. Attendees at the Monday workshops will be eligible to receive prizes, and those who register are invited to a cookout for lunch outside of Hiner Hall.

The “Workshop Week” culminates on Wednesday with an all-campus worship at 11:00 a.m. in Zurcher Auditorium.

We are looking forward to renewing acquaintances (and making new ones), learning some new tricks, and preparing for a new year of service in Christ. Please join us!

--The Workshop Committee
Jerry Davis
Del Doughty
Bo Helmich
Ruth Nalliah


Monday, August 18

Click here to register for the Monday sessions.

8:15 Coffee, Doughnuts, and Dialogue  Atrium
9:00       Using Moodle’s Gradebook
Are you getting the most out of Moodle and its grade book feature?  In this session, Amber Prather shows us how to use this tool to provide our students with faster, more satisfying feedback.
Hiner Hall
10:00 Who Are Our Millennial Students?
Every generation has its own assumptions, values, and quirks.  Ron Coffey provides a profile and clues us in on the HU millennial in particular.
Dowden 224
11:00 IT Update: A Few Things Everyone Needs to Know
Moore’s Law maintains that information technology increases its capacity at a startling rate.  In this session, Adam Skiles will explain how you can keep up.
Dowden 226
12:00 Pizza/subs at Norm's (HUB)  
1:30 Stress Management
Sure, you may feel excited to start the school year now, but experience tells us that by January you will be cold, depressed, and overwhelmed by all that must be done.  Valarie Powers (Powers of One Yoga) and Sue Wilhelm (Victory Noll) can’t help you with the cold, but they will be here to show you how to handle the other stuff.
Dowden 224
2:30 Leading from Where You Are  
Maybe you don’t think of yourself as a leader.  But when you are called on to lead a project, a meeting, or a cause (as you inevitably will be), how will you do it?  Sherilyn Emberton, Scott Makin, and Greg Smitley share their insights in this session.
Dowden 226
3:30 IT Update: A Few Things Everyone Needs to Know
A repeat of the earlier session.
Hiner Hall

Tuesday, August 19

8:00 Breakfast Hiner Hall
8:30 Welcome – Dr. Mike Wanous  
8:45 Devotions  -- Dr. Jerry Davis and Professor Bo Helmich  
9:15 Session I – What Happens in EN 121? – English Department  
9:45 Break  
10:00 Session II – Effective Assignments and Exercises -- Panel  
  Signature Assignment 1     Signature Assignment 2   
  Signature Assignment 3     Signature Assignments 4 & 5  
11:00  Session III --  How to Grade a Paper Fast and Effectively – Dr. Del Doughty  
11:30 Lunch  
1:00 Strategic Planning – Dr. Ann McPherren  
3:00 Faith-Integration Panel – Dr. David Alexander, Professor Amy Biegel, Dr. Mark Fairchild                                                                          
5:00 Picnic Front Lawn

Wednesday, August 20

11:00    Faculty Staff Worship                                                                                                                                                                    MCA Zurcher Auditorium