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Landing the dream job:

2010 alumna becomes editor of magazine at 23
Lynette (Miller) Fager used her experiences at Huntington University to land her a dream job at 23.

“My entire education led me to this position."

Lynette (Miller) Fager never imagined she would land her dream job right out of college. But thanks to her experiences at Huntington University and her internship through the university’s Enterprise Resource Center, Fager managed to find that job at Business People magazine in Fort Wayne, Ind.

After impressing her former internship supervisor, Amber Recker, Fager was interviewed and asked to succeed Recker as editor of Business People magazine in April 2010, just a few short months after graduating from HU in December.

“I’m basically the gatekeeper for all information that comes through the magazine,” said Fager, 23, a journalism, public relations and communication studies graduate from Huntington, Ind. “I examine and edit each issue of the magazine five times before it goes to the press.”

With such a demanding position, Fager encountered some challenges when she first started her position, but found strategies to overcome those obstacles.

“Part of my job is making sure everything runs like clockwork,” she said. “It’s been a great deal of trial and error to figure out how I can send the issues to the press on time.”

While at HU, Fager worked for the campus’s newspaper, the Huntingtonian, and as an assistant in the university’s public relations office. In addition, Huntington’s Enterprise Resource Center helped her land an internship at Business People magazine. Fager does not believe she would be where she is today if it had not been for her experiences at HU.

“My entire education led me to this position,” Fager said. “I knew I wanted to write, but I had never written in a journalistic style before college. By the time I graduated, all my experiences at HU prepared me well for the position I am in now. I chose to be prepared. HU will prepare you, but you have to make that choice yourself to want to be prepared and take the initiative with your education.”

After spending four and a half years on campus, Fager also feels HU challenged her in her personal walk with God.

“I came to HU with a lot of book knowledge, but I learned that my walk and talk is what matters the most,” she said. “HU taught me that I have to want it. I have to seek out my spiritual walk.”

She also appreciates the investments and challenges her professors gave to her and her peers during her time in her communications classes.

“Dr. Kevin Miller and Dr. Mike Rowley challenged us to think of why we believe what we believed,” Fager said. “They would shake us up to make us think, and I appreciated why they did that.”

Fager’s favorite aspects of HU are having the ability to become involved in various activities and building relationships with fellow peers and faculty.

“I never would have been able to build the relationships I had at HU if I had gone to a state school,” she said. “Everyone knows everyone (at HU). It’s like you’re coming back home to see your family. I also loved the fact that I could get involved in things that actually mattered such as my time as editor of the Huntingtonian, being a Campus Ministry Coordinator, serving as president of the communication honor society, and my favorite extracurricular, playing with the Ultimate Frisbee team.”

Originally, Fager had never even considered going to HU, but after filling out her applications, she felt God called her to stay in her hometown of Huntington and attend classes at HU.

“God wanted me here,” she said. “I wanted to go far away to school to study acting, but then I felt God telling me to fill out HU’s application and to send it in.”

Fager encourages future students who are interested in studying journalism, public relations or communication studies to consider Huntington University.

“You get out of your education what you put into it,” she said. “You will receive the same education or better at HU than you would at a state school if you strive for it. You have to want to do what you do.”


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