Huntington University is a Christian liberal arts college in Indiana

career guidance

The Office of Career Development is dedicated to assisting students in creating, evaluating, and effectively implementing personal career goals. We provide many valuable services to help you prepare for a meaningful career.

Links to career guidance tools:

  • FOCUS Career Planning Tool
    • The FOCUS program is a computerized program available to Huntington University students that can help you assess your interests, work values, leisure time preferences, personality and life values. 
    • By looking at this site you will discover many college majors (not all of them are offered at Huntington University), areas of employment, employers and strategies as to how one can move into this field.
  • Glassdoor 
    • Glassdoor is the largest career community in the world, offering an inside look at companies through reviews, salary information, and interview questions at over 280,000 companies. This information is particularly helpful for you when preparing for a job interview and making important career decisions. You can even apply to jobs and internships directly on Glassdoor
  • CareerBliss   
    • CareerBliss is a free career community that empowers job seekers with jobs, reviews, and salaries, along with hundreds of great career advice articles. CareerBliss was started in 2008 with the goal of providing transparency in the workplace, a transparency that effectively lets our users find happiness in the workplace by getting an inside look at the reviews and salaries for over 100,000 employers. CareerBliss has been seen on, Huffington Post,, AOL Jobs, Business Week, The Houston Chronicle, Seattle Pi, and thousands of other sites. They have found, along with Columbia University, MIT, Virginia Tech, and hundreds of other respected institutions that students can get ahead in the workforce by utilizing the free tools CareerBliss provides.
  • Jobs Made Real 
    • This is a site where you can explore what jobs are out there but also see what people actually do in their jobs. Please click the header to visit their website.
  •  How To Become...Anything
  •             This is a band new site that is so full of tips and guides on how to become... anything! It's a great resource and starting-off point for people unsure of how to get into a certain career.