Huntington University is a Christian liberal arts college in Indiana

joyful noise

Joyful Noise leads worship during chapel at Huntington University, a Christian collegeFrom Quiet Meditation To Raucous Celebration

Obviously there are many different legitimate music styles you can use in worship – everything from classical to rock, from black gospel traditions to liturgical traditions. At Huntington, we think there are strengths in each of these styles. In different settings both extremes, the contemplative and the celebratory, have their place. We’re emotional beings, and we need to worship with all of our emotions.

"Without worship, we go about miserable." - A. W. Tozer

Joyful Noise, Huntington's chapel band, knows that there is a hunger in the students for worship. Not only do they help us to express our love of God, but also they help us grow in our understanding of who God is as they lead our times of praise and worship.

Introducing our 2013-2014 Joyful Noise Team

Beth Turner (coordinator) - Keyboard 

Kati Frankle - Vocals

Wes Johnson - Acoustic Guitar/Vocals

Paul Park - Electric Guitar

James Parker - Bass Guitar

Chantol Peterkin - Vocals

Kenny Plisco - Acoustic Guitar/Vocals

Steven Uhey - Drums

See Chapel Schedule for upcoming Joyful Noise performances.