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Internship lands grad position working for the Super Bowl
Cassie Screeton

"It just goes to show what HU can do for you. I honestly think I am a better person because I went to Huntington."

After an eight-month internship helping the world get ready for the biggest game in football, Cassie Screeton is now on the corporate management track.

Screeton, a 2011 economics and finance graduate with a minor in public relations, is a corporate management trainee with First Source Corp. (the management company for First Source Bank) in South Bend, Ind. Through this two-year program, Screeton will learn various aspects of the banking business.

“I think the most intriguing thing to me is that I get to do so many things,” she said. “It’s so good for me.”

Before joining First Source, Screeton spent her first year out of Huntington with the 2012 Super Bowl Host Committee in Indianapolis. There, she assisted in overseeing 125 donor relationships who pledged to invest money in the host committee.

“I think that experience helped me tenfold more than any job I would have taken right out of college,” she said. “When you took that position, you just had to jump on the bandwagon. I left with so much pride.”

She had organized a large donor breakfast, had worked with different committees of volunteers and had written the weekly donor update newsletter. When First Source saw her experience with the Super Bowl, they decided to bring her on three months before the training program to help with marketing efforts for the banks.

“I’ve gotten to do different events,” she said, including a golf outing and hospitality events. “I’ve gotten to use some of my experience in my PR (public relations) classes.”

Cassie Screeton Golf OutingScreeton said it was the varying skills and experience that she gained that Huntington that made her such a viable candidate for First Source. She said it was the push from the business department faculty that made her want to succeed during college and now after graduation.

“When I left Huntington, I felt prepared. I felt confident in my abilities,” she said. “It just goes to show what HU can do for you. I honestly think I am a better person because I went to Huntington.”
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