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Integrating faith and science:

Pharmacist's code of ethics shaped at Huntington University
Amy Hall Farley describes benefits of studying biology at Huntington University, a Christian college.

"How I function as a pharmacist -- my code of ethics and how I react to patients -- is shaped by the ethical issues we discussed in class at Huntington."

Enrolling at Huntington University was a natural choice for Amy (Hall, ’99) Farley. "My sister, Stephanie (Hall, ’97) Sheridan, was already attending Huntington," said Amy. "I would stay with her on weekends when I was still in high school, so I felt very comfortable with Huntington." While Amy got a good taste of college life by hanging around the dorm with her sister, she admits she wasn’t sure about a choice of study. "I was basically clueless," she said. "I knew I wanted to work in some kind of science field, but I didn’t know what that was."

Even though she lacked specific direction, Amy’s years of study in the biology and chemistry departments at Huntington University prepared her more than she realized. Things came into clear focus her senior year, when Amy was accepted into the School of Pharmacy at Purdue University to pursue a doctorate in pharmacology.

"All the basic science courses at Huntington got me into pharmacy school and allowed me to start in the professional program instead of at the beginning in pre-pharmacy," she said.

Beyond the science knowledge she gained at Huntington, Amy credits her time in the classroom with another kind of preparation. "My Huntington courses shaped my ethical beliefs," she said.

"There is a general feeling in science that religious beliefs are separate from science, and good scientists had better keep personal opinions and beliefs out of their work." Instead of this philosophy, Amy learned at Huntington how to integrate faith and science, a skill that was vital in preparing her for postgraduate studies. "I think I would have been lost going to grad school without the moral and ethical base that I learned at Huntington," she said.

Amy’s Huntington professors served as both teachers and mentors. "I had discussions with Dr. Beth Burch about being a woman pursuing higher education in science and how that affected her family, her relationship with her husband and children," said Amy. "I asked her advice about the struggles of being married and still being in school, since I decided to get married right before I started pharmacy school."

And it wasn’t just career advice that stands out to Amy as she thinks back about her experience at Huntington. "I was close to all of my science professors. I knew a lot about them personally. I baby-sat their kids, went to their houses for dinner and went to them for advice with personal issues. I would have no problem calling any one them and asking them anything."

In fact, the personal relationships Amy formed at Huntington stand out as one of the best parts of her undergraduate experience. "I met a lot of really good friends that I have deep, meaningful relationships with," she said. "I consider them like sisters to me." Her time in the residence halls helped foster these relationships. "We spent hours just sitting around in our rooms talking about everything."

These friendships also strengthened Amy’s faith. "I wasn’t very strong in my Christian walk by the end of high school," she admits. "At Huntington, I got continuous support, which is something I really needed."

Christian service was also a significant part of her Huntington experience. "The most moving opportunity I had was to go to Honduras on one of my spring breaks to help build churches after Hurricane Mitch," said Amy. She had plans to continue community outreach after she earned her doctorate in May 2004. In addition to working in retail pharmacy, Amy is considering medical mission trips with her husband, Tony, also a Huntington University graduate. Together, the couple plans to use the knowledge acquired at Huntington to help those in need.

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