athletic training

mission statement:

Huntington University Athletic Training strives to deliver a well-rounded sports medicine program to each student athlete that is directed toward the prevention, management, and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. Injury education, counseling and guidance are integrated into the care process.

The philosophy of the Athletic Training Department is that the staff is committed to the health and well-being of each individual athlete. The needs of the individual and the medical considerations will remain the highest priority.

The purpose of the Athletic Training Department is to enhance the student-athletes’ participation in athletics by:

  • Reducing the risk and/or preventing injuries from participation in the chosen sport
  • Managing the appropriate care for injuries sustained
  • Rehabilitating and reconditioning the athlete following injury
  • Enabling a timely and medically safe return to sport following an injury
  • Encouraging a philosophy that places a high priority on the health and wellness of the body and spirit as described in the Huntington University Intercollegiate Philosophy of Athletics.

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