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Sweet sounds, sweet job

Grad finds dream job at prestigious audio retailer
Greg Wardwell on benefits of  graphic design degree program at Huntington University, a Christian college.

“You get the psychology behind design and the intercommunication skills and the free thinking skills.”

As you enter Sweetwater Sound, the striking architectural design catches your eye. Then your ears perk up as music fills the air. It’s a dream job, and Greg Wardwell loves it.

Wardwell, a 2007 graphic design major, works at Sweetwater, one of the leading pro audio retail companies in the world located in Fort Wayne, Ind. He works in the marketing department as a web designer. He develops and maintains the web presence for the company — both graphically and programmatically.

“It’s a position that gives me the ability to work on new things all the time and be creative and work with fantastic people who help me maintain that creative environment,” he said.

Wardwell began at Sweetwater in 2009 after having worked for a year at a promotional products company in Indianapolis doing web design and graphics.

“At first, I had looked for print jobs, but there was just not a market for it,” he said, explaining that the web training at that position prepared him for the work he does at Sweetwater.

Now, despite his lack of musical training, he works at an elite music facility that challenges him on a daily basis.

“It’s very fast paced,” he said. “We’re doing new things all the time. It keeps you busy. Time just flies.”

Wardwell sought out graphic design at Huntington University because he was looking for a top-notch program that also had an emphasis on the fine arts.

Coupled with the small class sizes and the great relationships with the faculty, he found a perfect fit at HU.

Also, with the challenging economy he faced after graduation, he found his liberal arts training — especially from the visual arts program — prepared him well to learn new skills on the job.

“You get the psychology behind design and the intercommunication skills and the free thinking skills,” Wardwell said. “(The program) prepared me because of those facets.”

Wardwell looks forward to his future at Sweetwater — the engaging environment, the new skills he is acquiring and even the “Hi’s” and “Bye’s” he receives as he walks through the hall.

“It’s a very modern company with an old way of doing things, but it works,” he said. “(It) makes Sweetwater different. … There’s only one Sweetwater.”

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