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Gremaux discovers direction through PRIME internship

Trevor Grauman, Huntington University, a Christian college

Trevor Gremaux teaches a lesson to children from Nappanee Missionary Church.

Huntington University senior Trevor Gremaux, a youth ministries major from New Haven, Ind., has encountered many situations that have allowed him to grow as a person, teacher, ministry leader and follower of Christ during his PRIME experience.

Gremaux is completing an internship at Nappanee Missionary Church in Nappanee, Ind. PRIME, Practical Research and Immersion through Ministry Effectiveness, is an internship experience required of all Bachelor of Science major in the Ministry and Missions Department during the summer and fall semesters of their senior year.

Gremaux has learned techniques that do and do not work when teaching pre-teens, fifth and sixth graders, and how to relate to them on a one-on-one basis.

The group of interns at the church has taken two retreats thus far into the year. As the group becomes closer and relies more on each other, Gremaux said group members are seeing how an individual only can do so much before he or she needs to depend on others. He is beginning to see what it looks like to work on a team and in community.

Through working together with his peers, talking with pastors and reading books given to him by both the church and Huntington University, Gremaux feels like he is beginning to gain some valuable insight into where he wants to go with his life.Trevor Grauman, Huntington University, a Christian college

He said he can see that his passions are centered around small group discipleship and not so much on big-crowds and speaking to lots of people all the time.

“I'm learning and becoming more content with the idea that it’s not what I want, but what God wants from me,” Gremaux said.

He said he feels that God is guiding him toward leading in smaller groups, and he believes he excels in intimate settings compared to larger ones, but he is ultimately learning a great deal about working with both.

“I’ve definitely grown a ton spiritually and from a leadership stand point this summer and look to grow more as I have more responsibilities and more students this fall,” Gremaux said.