Huntington University is a Christian liberal arts college in Indiana

Daulton ministers to children through DIVE program

Krystle Daulton 2010 small

Krystle Daulton (center) instructs children throughout a game during the DIVE program.

 A Huntington University senior from Rochester, Ind., Krystle Daulton, has recently started her PRIME experience in New Castle, Ind. She is a double major pursuing a bachelor’s degree in youth ministries and educational ministries with a concentration in family and children’s ministries.

Daulton looked to her pastors back home for suggestions of a children’s minister who would provide her with a unique experience and be an excellent mentor. They gave her the name of the children’s pastor at Foursquare Gospel Church, Jim Becker. The two communicated and worked out a program for her.

“It was awesome how God just brought it all together,” said Daulton.

Daulton has two specific roles at Foursquare Gospel Church: Sunday school superintendent and leading children’s church on Sundays. She is also helping with a program called DIVE, or Discovering Important Values for Eternity. This program has experienced success, growing from a Wednesday evening children’s ministry to afterschool programs at three elementary schools.

“God is really touching this city with this ministry,” Daulton said.

Not only has the ministry affected the city, this experience is impacting Daulton as well.

“So far it has made me see how much God can really work in the hearts of children and also how people can really have a heart and passion for ministering to children,” she said.

She is only one month into her experience and already has many learned many lessons.

“I have truly learned what just loving a child can do,” Daulton said. “The little time I have been here, and I already have kids running to me, excited to see me there, just because I wear a DIVE shirt makes me trustworthy to them. It’s incredible.”

Daulton is excited to see what the rest of her experience is going to show her. Once this experience is over, she will graduate in May and has a goal of working in children’s ministry or girls’ ministry at a church.

Daulton said, “God is preparing me to do something big, and I am not sure what that is yet, but I sure am excited to find out!”