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Discovering gifts and strengths:

Alumna shaped by experiences at Huntington
Anna Geivett describes advantages of missions degree program at Huntington University, a Christian college.

“I always tell people that God used my years at Huntington to shape me into the person I am today.”

Anna Geivett’s experiences in missions at Huntington University prepared her to adjust to the challenges of a full-time position in the mission field.

Serving as the short-term teams coordinator for Food for the Hungry in Peru, South America, Anna hosted a number of groups each year that come from churches, colleges, businesses and other organizations to participate in various construction projects and workshops.

“I always tell people that God used my years at Huntington to shape me into the person that I am today,” said Anna, a 2005 graduate with a missions minor. “God allowed me to discover my strengths and gifting through my involvement on campus. For example, when I came as a freshman, I had no idea that I was gifted as a leader. I discovered this during the years that I led mission trips, Global Vision and organized Missions Emphasis Week.”

Anna credits her professors in the ministry and missions department for giving her tools to make a smooth transition into a different culture.

“I was well-prepared for this stage of life because of the teaching I received regarding cross-cultural communication and intercultural learning and adjustment,” she said. “Other missionaries come to the field with expectations that leave them disappointed and more likely to experience cultural shock. Because of the help of my professors, I can say that I started with realistic expectations and a handful of coping strategies that have protected me from unnecessary difficulty.”


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