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Ethics, integrity guide broker's financial advice
Jeff Dieringer describes benefits of studying business at Huntington University, a Christian college.

“I don’t feel that I would have been as prepared to go into the business field as I was if I hadn’t come to Huntington.”

Money is a very personal subject to many people. That’s why Huntington University business graduate Jeff Dieringer takes time to listen to his clients about their investments. He gives them sound advice, taking time to explain things thoroughly through the perspective of wise stewardship.

Jeff, a 2000 graduate, works as a broker with Edward Jones in St. Marys, Ohio. Though he says his occupation is given a bad reputation by money-hungry advisers ready to make advancements for themselves, Jeff relies on the Lord for guidance.

“I can see how people fall into a trap of not necessarily doing what’s right for the customer and client because of the money they need to bring in,” Jeff says. “It’s a daily battle to win people’s trust, but if I do things morally and ethically right for my clients, I know the Lord will provide.”

As a commission-based salesman, Jeff focuses on the things he can control – such as his attitude, his presentation and how many clients he meets with – and not those things that are out of his control, such as the specific amount of money he makes. Before he ever entered the working world, Jeff was prepared for such issues by his business professors at Huntington.

“Professor O’Donnell talked quite a bit about real-life issues, especially about people who are money hungry and dishonest. Because Professor O’Donnell and Professor McEowen had worked in the business world before teaching, they shared many stories that went along with the instruction. I thought that was outstanding and made the business concepts easier to grasp,” Jeff recalls.

It was Huntington’s biannual Visiting Executive Seminar (VES) led by Professor O’Donnell that gave Jeff the connections he needed to get his first job out of college. Through connections he made at VES, Jeff landed an internship at the local Edward Jones company where he sat in on client meetings and learned how to service accounts. After his internship, Jeff received a positive letter of recommendation that helped him start his career after college.

Huntington University not only prepared Jeff for the working world, but also allowed him to grow spiritually. When he arrived at Huntington as a freshman, he knew no one. The friendships he developed and the professors he learned from challenged him daily in his Christian walk.

“Huntington gave me the accountability that I really needed as a person and as a Christian in order to grow,” Jeff states. “It was given to me, not necessarily because I sought after it, but because it was what the college was all about. My experience at Huntington was priceless.”

As a member of the Huntington University baseball team, Jeff was able to play the game he loved while being positively influenced by his teammates and coaches. He says that while growing up, his coaches never integrated the spiritual aspect of athletics, but at Huntington, he was around godly coaches that he admired.

“Baseball is a sport that I truly enjoy and love, and to be able to play it while spending time around great individuals and coaches for four years was outstanding. I wouldn’t trade my experiences for anything in the world,” Jeff said.

Huntington’s nurturing atmosphere and the friendships of many students, faculty and staff during his four years on campus allowed Jeff to develop close ties and make connections that would shape his future.

“I don’t feel like I would have been as prepared to go into the business field as I was if I hadn’t come to Huntington University,” Jeff admits. “I think if you’re a Christian going into business, there’s not a better place to get real-world experience from the professors and the opportunities offered at Huntington.”

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