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Advancing career, growing faith:

Student 'wholeheartedly' recommends counseling program
Rachel Draper2010_profile

“I have been overjoyed at the use of Scripture and God’s teaching incorporated into our curriculum and class meetings.”

After earning her bachelor’s degree, Rachel Draper entered the workforce with expectations of finding the perfect job that challenged her. She was hired at a Christian organization, but soon realized that she couldn’t hold the position she desired without furthering her education.

After hearing about Huntington University’s Master of Arts in counseling programfrom a friend, she researched the program’s website. She discovered that the counseling program prepares students to become licensed mental health counselors. She also found that its price was comparable to other area state schools and less expensive than other private institutions in Indiana. Rachelapplied, was accepted and began the program the first semester it was offered.

One aspect of the program she appreciates most is the integration of faith and learning.

“I have been overjoyed at the use of Scripture and God’s teaching incorporated into our curriculum and class meetings,” Rachel said.

The class selection has allowed Rachel to take courses of interest to her and to specialize in a certain area. Her passion and drive for counseling has challenged her to soak up the knowledge offered by her courses, as well as to apply it.

Rachel has felt refreshed by the fellowship between professors and classmates in a Christian environment. She says she has experienced acceptance, accountability and Christ’s unconditional love.

“The comfort of fellow believers not only sitting with you — but teaching you — makes this program irresistible,” Rachel said.

As a student currently enrolled in the Master of Arts in counseling program, Rachel said that she “wholeheartedly recommends this program.”

“It is fun, challenging and enlightening,” Rachel said. “Explore what God has in store for your professional life while having the comfort and encouragement of others leading you and helping to guide you along the way.”