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Saving lives, sharing faith:

Forst uses chemistry to offer healing, hope
Mindy (Adams) Forst describes benefits of studying chemistry at Huntington University, a Christian college.

“At Huntington University, I received a great deal of personal attention and hands-on experience.”

As an analytical chemist in Eli Lilly’s Research and Development Department, Mindy (Adams) Forst finds challenges not only in her work but also her faith.

“Each day I am faced with the challenge of developing scientifically sound analytical methods for molecules that could possibly save or change someone’s life,” Forst said. “I must apply my knowledge and often times be willing to ‘think outside the box’ in order to be successful.

“Daily, I am faced with the challenge of how to integrate my faith into my work and how I can reach as many people for Jesus as possible. I work among some very smart scientists, and not all of them are willing to accept something based on faith. Finding ways to answer questions and debate theories has been quite the challenge. I have found the most important thing and possibly the most influential is to just love each and every person like Jesus would.”

A 2001 graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry, Forst credits Huntington University with providing a “solid foundation” for her career and her relationship with Christ. As a student, Forst spent a summer as an intern in the Natural Products Division at Eli Lilly and Company. She also presented research to faculty and staff as a graduation requirement. Additionally, professors took Forst and other chemistry students to a networking event in Indianapolis with representatives from Eli Lilly, Dow-Agro and other science-related companies.

“Those two events helped me to obtain my current position,” Forst said.

In addition to furthering her career, Forst’s Huntington experience also helped her further her education. She earned a Master of Science degree in chemistry from Purdue University in 2004. While she had a positive experience in both her bachelor’s and master’s degree programs, her post-graduate studies made her even more aware of the Huntington difference.

“I have now attended both a small and large institution, and I must say that I prefer the smaller school,” Forst said. “At HU, professors know your name and care about your development. Their office doors are always open for helping with problems or just to talk about life. At HU, I received a great deal of personal attention and hands-on experience.”

Juggling her basketball and class schedules at Huntington helped prepare her to prioritize and manage work and family. Forst and her husband Ryan have a son, Caden. She assists Ryan with his responsibilities as a youth pastor at their church.

I learned a great deal about time management through my women’s basketball experience,” Forst said. “Finding time to study and complete labs between practices and traveling to games was sometimes difficult and required late nights in the laboratories. I think that that experience has helped me not only in managing time at my job but also my time at home.”

While Forst expresses gratitude for the knowledge and skills she gained at Huntington University, the most significant impact on her life will have eternal implications. She gave her life to Christ at age eight but says her faith deepened in college.

“I received more than just a chemistry degree at HU — I learned what it meant to have a relationship with Jesus,” Forst said. “At the chapel services and on campus, I saw other kids my age that were outwardly living their lives for God. I had never experienced that before, and I found myself desiring the same thing. Now, I like to think that I live each day doing whatever I can to impact my world for Christ.”

Forst recommends Huntington University to any student “interested in receiving a great deal of personal attention and hands-on experience and figuring out how to be both a Christian and a scientist in today’s world.”

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