Huntington University is a Christian liberal arts college in Indiana

The most important thing to learn

Director of Administration, Breakthrough Urban Ministries; Chicago, IL

"Looking back on my experience as a Bible and Religion major at Huntington, there is one thing that I learned that is more valuable than any knowledge or skill I've acquired to date. I have to confess, it's not my understanding of Greek or Hebrew or my ability to do word studies and exegesis. It's not even the valuable lessons I learned about the historical context of the Scriptures.

As a student in the Bible and Religion Department, the most important thing I learned was to THINK, and to do so rigorously. This skill was not learned in a particular class, but was modeled by my professors and nurtured through their mentoring relationships with me. I was challenged to wrestle with God's Word, to understand the theological lens through which I view scripture, and challenge my assumptions and biases. Yes, I needed to understand the Greek and Hebrew, do word studies and study the historical context of scripture. But these activities were all part of a bigger purpose. That is, to truly understand the message that God spoke through the biblical authors and the impact that message has on Christian life. This is the central call of anyone engaged in biblical study.

At Huntington it was clear that the Bible is not merely words on a page to be studied and critiqued. Rather, it it's God's message to His people. And as His people, we are challenged to understand his message to us, and to allow our life's to be shaped by His words."