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what is alpha chi?

Alpha Chi is a national honor society for students in all academic disciplines and is dedicated to "making scholarship effective for good." In 1997, it celebrated 75 years of activity at its Philadelphia national convention. The objectives of Alpha Chi are the stimulation, development, and recognition of scholarship and those elements of character that make scholarship effective for good. It is a member in good standing of the Association of College Honor Societies.

In addition to working with some 300 campus chapters in colleges and universities across the United States, Alpha Chi encourages students to continue their development through graduate work, supports a scholarship program, issues various publications, and provides a forum for student scholarly activity.

Alpha Chi is distinctive in that it involves members in all aspects of its operation: local chapter leadership, student representation on Regional and National Councils, and giving scholarly presentations at regional and national conventions.

For more on the history, organization, and current activities of Alpha Chi nationally, visit the National Alpha Chi Home Page at