Amy 2013Amy Snider

Major: Elementary Education & Teaching English Learners
Hometown: Wapakoneta, Ohio

As cliché as it sounds, I just felt Huntington was the right choice. I wouldn't know the joy I do now without it. I tend to be an over-thinker, but Huntington gave me all I wanted spiritually, academically and athletically, so it was an easy choice. It’s helped me grow through chapels, service projects, residence life, challenging classes, and a mission to India. I was thirsting for an authentic Christian college experience, an involved student body and professors that counted me as more than a number. I am so thankful I found those here!

When I got the chance to go to India, I thought traveling around the world was an exciting opportunity for spiritual growth, service and stretching. From the very beginning, this trip was different. I usually play out every “what-if” in my mind. But as soon as I was accepted onto the team, I was completely wrapped in prayer and love. For a long time, God had been persistently pushing me, saying, “Go out and see. Go and do.” I was about to learn that obedience to God is greater than anything I could plan for myself.

When we arrived at the Home of Love, it was evident that this small community of girls and their caretakers was a city on a hill. Christ's love poured out of them, and we were drawn to their contagious smiles and beautiful faces from the start. I went on this trip to share Christ with these girls, but instead the girls did that for me. They are permanently imprinted on my heart and have changed who I am for the better.

India was further proof that God gave me a fierce compassion for teaching His children. I was extremely blessed in my early education days, so I’m driven to someday instill the same values, discovery, fun and love into my own students. The Education department really pushes in-class observations, and next year I’ll be fully immersed in a classroom. The TESOL program also includes a course that will allow me to teach English in China next year.

At Huntington, classes are generally small – my voice is heard and my questions answered. After class, I'll head over to my professor’s house for a homemade dinner, or see them cheering me on at my softball game. Being a student means being part of community that lets me pursue my passions and have a lot of fun along the way.

Just living life at Huntington has given me a new sense of love, patience and honesty. It’s helped me break down walls I didn't even know existed. My heart is changed, and my spirit humbled. I’m awake to God's goodness, power and provision. Huntington has opened my eyes to the rest of the world, and to my responsibilities as a Christian right here at home. Leaving India is still one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. But God definitely led me to my perfect school.