Meet Laura

When Laura Stuckey first arrived on campus, she had her heart set on becoming a worship leader. But during her time at Huntington, something changed.

“Through my experiences at Huntington, God has revealed things in me that I truly have a passion for,” Laura says. As a result, her life and career goals are now more focused. She has refined her goals, and has expanded them to include children’s ministries and possibly overseas missions as well. “So far, the biggest lesson I’ve learned at Huntington is that God wants to use me in the things that I have a passion for.”Mural painted by HU students. Photo by Varun Kaushik. 

According to Laura, her campus experiences have taught her just as much, if not more, than her classes. Mission trips to Japan a nd India have helped to shape her world view. Friends and classmates have challenged her to explore different views, and to make her faith her own. Through her studies at Huntington, Laura will complete a seven-month internship as in family and children's ministry at a church in Florida as part of her PRIME Experience.

So what is the Huntington experience? Laura sums it up best, “If you’re looking for a community where you will grow in the Lord and be challenged academically, Huntington is the place.”

Love India: In her own words

India has taught me so much about contentment. Previously in my life, I found it difficult to be satisfied or content in Christ. Perhaps I convinced myself that I was content, but it was not until God began to strip me of the things that I find my satisfaction in, both material and relational, that I realized how empty my pursuits have been. I found contentment in a place where I was weak, tired, broken, and confused. Maybe this is how God teaches us to want Him more than anything or anyone else — by revealing the emptiness found in everything else apart from Him. God used India to open my heart to His spirit and to give me courage to follow His leading. He spoke to me over and over, nudging me to do possibly one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do. At times, I felt paralyzed with the fear of what the future might hold. But God has given me a spirit of courage that I cannot explain. Because I am satisfied in Christ, I can step aside, knowing that His plans are the best and most beautiful for my life — even if they do not make logical sense right now.

God used India to expand my confidence in the abilities and gifts He has so graciously given me. The fact that I would love to lead worship with kids and have a leadership role in a ministry is okay. God will not let my abilities and gifts go to waste because He gave them to me to use and I finally have more confidence to do so. I hope that I will not be content in being the person I was a month ago, but that I would courageously follow the Spirit’s leading, both as He led in India and as He continues to lead from here on out. I cannot remain the same as I was.

Following the Spirit’s leading requires faith coupled with courage. Something one of my teammates said on the way to the airport still rings in my ears, “Sometimes you feel God speaking to you and it seems crazy. But we have to have the faith to believe that God really is speaking. God blesses the choices that take more faith.” Oh, that I would have the faith. Oh, that I would trust in my Lord alone for He is in control of my life.