Meet Kaliegh

After high school, Kaleigh thought she knew how to combine her passions for medicine and missions: a state school, a Pre-Med Biology degree and then off to grad school to become a missionary doctor. But then God led her to Huntington and things changed. “I fell in love with the Huntington atmosphere as soon as I walked on campus,” Kaleigh remembers.

But God wasn’t finished. By the end of her first semester, Kaleigh felt God leading her toward a nursing degree. Since that time, she has never looked back. “My desire and calling to be a nurse is validated with every nursing class I take,” says Kaleigh. “The more I learn from people in the department about the profession of nursing, the more I feel sure about what God has called me to do.”

Sometimes, following God’s calling can lead you in unexpected directions. According to Kaliegh, Huntington is the perfect place to make perfect sense of it all, “I depend on the people here. People depend on me. We all depend on Jesus – and Huntington makes it all come together in a kind of beautiful, ordered chaos.”

Love India: In her own words

Photo by Nate Sullivan

People are at the core of my experience in India. One group of people, the team, became my best friends in a new and beautiful way. The other group of people was the girls at the Home of Love. A few of them touched my life in such a huge way that I will never be the same. 

I have experienced team bonding on a mission trip before, but with this India team, I feel a completely different bond. When we were in Chennai, we gelled together perfectly. We shared responsibility without any legitimate complaining whatsoever. When we were doing the less glamorous work of painting the wall, we made a fun time out of it. We sang songs, we put handprints on each other, and we may have had a small paint fight or two. Whatever the task, we did it with joy in our hearts because we were serving the Lord and because we enjoyed each other’s company. 

When I think about the angels from the Home of Love, my heart hurts. 

It hurts because I miss them and I don’t know if or when I will be able to go back to them. These girls touched my soul and I won’t ever be the same. They made me reevaluate my definition of love and my methods of showing it. They made me see how much love I can give and that I should constantly be giving it. 

India affected me in a very unexpected way. I now want to live in India for a period of time. I really feel a strong calling to India and its people. Like I said, I left my heart there and I have to go get it.